Weekend Outlook

Sailors are checking Minnetonka and Calhoun today to assess local conditions...


Ice Reports are encouraged from larger and possibly northern lakes, Gull?, Detroit Lakes? Otter Tail?, Minnewaska?, Green?

Lake Minnetonka Webcam

Lake Minnetonka webcam, you're sure to see some iceboats rippin past...

minnetonka webcam


Pepin Ice

Looks like the end for Pepin. Lots of open water along shore and the ice is getting pretty black. Pulled the skeeter off last night with about 20 feet of open water at the landing in Pepin.
Great final weekend so no complaints..........
Hope to see you next year.

We Love Pepin.....:)

That's to bad, unfortunately spring has to come sometime.
Everyone is still raving about what a great time they had down in Pepin. It was the best sailing weekend all winter. Thanks again for all your hospitality, along with everyone in town who were very accomdating and excited to have us there. we truly appreciate it. Looking forward to sailing there again next winter.

DN 5050

DN 5050

three boats are sailing Minnetonka

Saw a DN and two Nites out rippin, it's blowing! Conditions are reported to be "perfect".

Calhoun Report

5366 Reports that two FreakSkates, er FreeSkates are out ripping on Lake Calhoun as we speak!

looks better for thurs and friday vs sat/sun

freezing temp wed and thur night. more wind fri but warmer and wet. anyone can take off thur?? call me , meyer. kennedy set up at shorewood yacht club, can use dock with no prob getting on. i'm setting up at harry's thurs 9:30. not freezing fri and sat night. fri maybe wet and sat till ?2pm good.

ya xxxxx

Minnetonka Ice Report - Boats are Setting Up!

Lake Minnetonka at 11:45 am today, Wetonka Park, Tonka Bay, MN, was hard to shore, and the ice is looking pretty smooth.

I'll post a few photos after lunch.

Lake Minnetonka, Noon March 18, 09

This sailor will be setting up in Tonka Bay this afternoon, 46 degrees, Wind WNW at 10-15 mph!


mn ice

I have a feeling of tension.pulling,pulling,can an outsider get on?


5366 Reported at 7pm Tues Mar 17: "You can sail a DN on Lake Calhoun Right Now!"