sailing sat/sun (4/4) , minnetonka

markham wants to sail, although still will come up with an excuse after checking the weather on the computer. anyone else? get on at shorewood yc. will check today how rough yet. little snow we got melted by sat, and can see any holes today, plenty cold next few nights. up nord mast be snowed in.

April Fools!!!!

Check out the MYC webcam and by Saturday you may be able to sail the E! West Arm has major open spots.
I think ROUGH would be an understatement, besides wet. Markham, bring a lifejacket!

No April Fools --- Just Tommy

Tommy's really going sailing on Sat. on Tonka, or should I say swimming. :)

DN 5050

DN 5050

there's always ice up North...

The proof was just sent to me... Snow missed a whole area around Brainerd, several clear lakes, boats are sailing now!