I have an older, much older Dn with a questionable plank, it worked last year but I just noticed a weakening around a knot, with little time left to build a new one how would I go about reinforcing this one? I know it would not be class legal but that is of no concern. At the same time could a wooden mast be reinforced with fiber glass laminated to the leading edge? Thank you Dennis

plank repair

If your gut says your plank is about to break, and it's only October, suggest making a new one. Can be done in a few evenings. Look on the website for technical support.

Or bring your plank and mast to the swap meet November 8th. Somebody will be glad to look them over and give you some repair solutions.


swap meet

Nice to meet you in person. did the older dn finally go? If not let me know who to contact I'm on my way back from MI.and would like to pick it up this weekend Thank you.