Great Western Challenge is ON

The DoctorThe Great Western Challenge Regatta is ON, for DEC 2,3,4 2011.

Primary Launch Site: Mile post 8 County Road 78 just North of Ashby Mn. Take 94 West from Alexandria to exit 77 and go North to mile marker 8.

Regatta HQ Holiday Inn Alexandria, Minnesota

Call 320-763-6577 for reservations.

Other Hotels:

Country Inn 320-763-9900
Super 8 320-763-6552
Days Inn 320-763-1171
Americinn 320-763-6808
Viking 320-763-3534
Hampton 320-763-3360

It's on like donkey kong!

Oh it's on! Like Donkey Kong!

Wind was forecast for 6mph at 9:00am but the flags are already at attention this morning.

Should be a great day!

Big wind on Fri

The few brave or crazy souls who did venture out on the fast ice in 30 MPH did indeed put on a show. Trying to slow down and turn upwind to get to the pits usually required a 200 yard drifting backwards. Appears only minor damage to some of the wipeouts. Too dangerous to really race close to another boat.
The excitement is high for what promises to be a record turnout on a perfect sheet of big ice.
See photo in images of the wind.


Three legs of the Epic Milking Stool! Ice, Forecast, Fleet Size.

Partly sunny, with a high near 30. West northwest wind between 8 and 13 mph.

Sunday: Sunday: A 20 percent chance of snow after noon. Increasing clouds, with a high near 27. Southeast wind around 7 mph becoming west.

Fleet: 50 boats on the ice at sunset, 20 in the hotel parking lot arrived overnight, more coming!

Ice: Burnished to glass in yesterday's 40 mph gusts.

EPIC is already redefined, it's not to late. Get on the Road to Epicity, destination, Milepost 8.

Fergus conditions

I expect a photo and first hand report of ice conditions 3 miles east of Fergus by 9 am. I agree with icemaker. Very minimal precipitation if any last 24 hrs. Christina should be fine.

a little overnight snow... it's nothing.

We had a dusting in the twin cities overnight, the narrow band is moving out of the area.

NWS histories show about an hour band of light snow was recorded in Fergus Falls, no indication of amount.

Updates on current site conditions should be on line about sunrise this morning, The IceMaker doesn't expect anything remarkable, but its iceboating.

Just in: Dahlon's Short Stop, in Ashby reports, "...ya, jut a skim, you can barely see it in the driveway." \

It's nothing...

Carpe DN

Happy to see Christina looking so good!!

Is anyone planning on "pre" sailing on Thursday (Dec 1st) I plan on sailing that day some place, I'd be happy to sail Christina if any one else will be there :)

Dirk Siems
DN US445

Dirk Siems
DN US445

you are going to have fun

you are going to have fun tommorow ,big wind forcast.

super 8 on hwy 29


ya xxxxx

Lake Christina Event Signs - Remember ditchs are steep

Great Western Regatta Signs for 2008