The Johnson Cup - Rescheduled

Attention; the Johnson Cup, the third annual closed course Ice Sailing Championships is postponed for one March 19 & 20...

Forecast for this weekend is doubtful (extreme winds one day and nearly calm the next), forecast for next week should put us on a great sheet of ice, the track may not have an outside wall, snow removal budget will be substantially reduced due to snow melt.

Fire On Ice 2010 - Sam Kiefer and the Great Clips sail power of the line

Sites under consideration are Buffalo Lake, Buffalo MN and Lake Pepin, Lake City MN, alternate location bids are welcome.

Further updates will be made Sunday March 13 at 7pm local time.

It's gonna be Epic...

If your organization would like to be involved in the developing this exciting format of zero carbon emission racing at highway speeds, sponsor information is available, contact the IceMaker at WorldIceRacingCircuit (at)


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Lake City - yeah!

Lake City - yeah!

Could be epic on Pepin

A little soft warm rain will set the stage there.

Looking pretty warm in the

Looking pretty warm in the middle of the week.guess we will just have to wait and see.

Still a fair amount of snow

Still a fair amount of snow on Pepin from what I've been told. The Pepin guys are pulling the boats off the ice this weekend.

DN 5050

DN 5050

Here's what I'm seeing...

It's been cold since December, it's going to be warm next week with a little rain. 24-30" of ice doesn't go away in a week.

The lakes will rise, the snow will melt, and the shore's going to be a little soft.

it all depends, it's spring sailing, but I expect we'll be fine someplace close.



Sounds like a good plan.

Sounds like a good plan.