Setting up @ SYC

We will be setting up a few Nites and DNs at Shorewood Yacht Club today. Gideon's, Excelsior and Echo bays look good. Anyone is welcome to set up and sail out of SYC.

For those that can't make the GWC today, then come to Shorewood

For those that can't make the Great Western Challenge there will be a group of DN's setting up at Shorewood Yacht Club. We've been at Spring Park bay, but the ice fisherman really become a problem at that location so go to SYC. They'll have the clubhouse and good place to park you ice yacht.


Great ice in Gideon's & Echo

Great ice in Gideon's & Echo bays, Excelsior bay gets pretty rough the deeper you go into it. Good ice down the causeway between Big Island and Greenwood. 4"-5" smooth ice covered by funky Hoar's frost. No pressure ridges or hazards noticed in these areas yesterday, some open leads down toward Main Lake past Veteran's Bay.