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I converted my yoke steering to pedals. My yoke fractured on the outsides of the handle. I have a hybrid DN/Iceflyer boat. It has a DN nose with an Iceflyer sail/forward seat setup. I had a common dn yoke steering handle. I was looking out my window and saw an old 'healthrider exercise machine in the garden and noticed the Pedals! I cut off the pedals and fit them into an isabelle pedal system.I also use bungee cords to make the pedal system spring loaded. When I epoxy the handle back to spec I'll be able to choose the steering I use according to conditions.


I reset my yoke with clamps

I reset my yoke with clamps & epoxy.After sanding, instead of repainting I added some nice spongy wrap where the fractures were.(fleet farm has it for cushioning bats) I also made a Stick with a ball tiller Using a 24"by 3/4" oak dowel + a short white ¾" oak dowel from a vertical paper towel holder. That piece is about 1' long with a nice hand sized ball on one end. I joined them together with a 3/8ths u joint just like you might use with a day sailor rigging.Its light weight, comfortable and safe with the u joint. I now have 3 options for tiller steering. :)