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Zamboni ...

I have a dream ... I see a custom service for ice events. A light weight plow truck (8'width) and 'zamboni. (a zamboni attachment to the back of a truck) How about for fire on ice? Anyone out there have hockey connections? Looks like 4L has the same idea.(their's is a reality) ... . We spend so much time looking/driving , lets bring the black ice to us. It's the 'green alternative... R

Current snow cover ... 12/14/10

Looks like least snow cover is in the Fergus Falls area. Otter tail, Battle , Dead lake? ... anyone out there who can confirm ... ? R

What do you do when the ice is gone?

You add wheels and now its a land yacht! I used 3 kids bikes with 12" wheels. It goes about 20-25mph on blacktop road. I have a 6.2 and a 7.4 sail. I put a rear bike wheel on the front so I could use the coaster brake for slowing & parking.

¨Štééring ¢onversion

I converted my yoke steering to pedals. My yoke fractured on the outsides of the handle. I have a hybrid DN/Iceflyer boat. It has a DN nose with an Iceflyer sail/forward seat setup. I had a common dn yoke steering handle. I was looking out my window and saw an old 'healthrider exercise machine in the garden and noticed the Pedals! I cut off the pedals and fit them into an isabelle pedal system.I also use bungee cords to make the pedal system spring loaded. When I epoxy the handle back to spec I'll be able to choose the steering I use according to conditions.

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