Pickle Factory ???

is it worth the drive to Pepin for some fun? Any chance the guy with the big skeeter in front of the Pickle Factory could get in touch with me.


Pepin Ice

Couple of days of rain over the weekend and Pepin is looking pretty fair.
Large pressure ridge off the pier at Pepin but plenty of good ice below it.
3 stern-steers, a skeeter and a DN on at Pepin.
Bad News is that the Pickle Factory is closed for the winter so we lost our club house.
If you want to check ice conditions, my email is newcomb@reb-inc.com
Best regards
Ed Newcomb

Oh nooooooo......

"Bad News is that the Pickle Factory is closed for the winter..."

Oh nooooooooooo....

That would be Mr. Ed newcomb

That would be Mr. Ed newcomb you are looking for.

DN 5050

DN 5050

Ed's weighed in...

Monday, January 04, 2010 3:05 PM

Pepin is looking OK. Had 1/2 a dozen boats on at Pepin, but too darn cold to sail this weekend. Probably 40% snow covered but no depth.

Lake City may be a better bet.


Forget Iowa

From what I'm hearing, this area sounds pretty sweet for Thursday. Any advice on a nice cozy setup spot out of the north wind?