I think my photos are improving...

I just looked back at the first photo I posted here, compared with the shots from Fire on Ice last weekend...

Feb, 2004:
Frame 1



Great Pics this year Geoff! Seeing you lay down on the ice for that shot shows your passion. (I thought you just had a real short tripod!) You didn't even bump the other cam on the ice! hey ... Is that Upper Sandusky or Lower Sandusky? ... J/K :P


Background Info

What park is in the background? You had me thinking it was Valley Fair in MN for a second. That would have been too close to home, and I didn't think anyone could sail on that ice.

William in Shakopee

Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH

The park is Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH.
We sailed the 2004 NAs on the harbor downtown.


just imagine being Fire on Ice close with Cedar Point in the background!