Thunder Bay, Ontario

I just spoke with the Commodore of the Thunder Bay Yacht Club.

He is going to alert the local ice boaters to report in.

Evidently he lives right next to the bay and they have been out ice skating on it.
Thunder Bay, Ontario, ICE ICE ICE

MODIS Yesterday

Thick enough to drive on, very large raw area to work with...


Report from Thunder Bay by an Iceboater

This was sent to me by email...

The ice directly in front of my house is at least 12" thick (according to the ice fishering types). There is an expanse of 1.5km wide x 5 km long that I have sailed on this past weekend. It is black ice with occassional soft drifts. There are only a couple of pressure cracks and no pressure ridges in this area. There is good ice beyond this but due to light winds I have not ventured further.

I am located on Lake Superior, 20km east of Thunder Bay off hwy 11/17.

Amethyst Harbour Rd.

so at least the backup/backup site looks like it might be worth a visit..

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So what are we waiting for..?

Olympics...NA's... it is Canada's year to host.


Apparently the have some peculiar driving habits there, eh?

A couple of their DN sailors were on Christina a couple years ago.