What do you do when the ice is gone?

You add wheels and now its a land yacht! I used 3 kids bikes with 12" wheels. It goes about 20-25mph on blacktop road. I have a 6.2 and a 7.4 sail. I put a rear bike wheel on the front so I could use the coaster brake for slowing & parking.

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What do you do when the ice is gone?

I have been watching your site closely over the past year or so after my son moved to StPaul and hopefully will get there at some stage and meet up with someone to try a sail on some ice.
The posting of "What do you do when the ice is gone?"
Well let me show you what we are up to in Australia and the sort of yachts we are building, it might inspire some thinking for you in the warmer months.The yachts are small, compact and would suit car parks and sports fields and VERY easy to build.


Have a look around the forum and join if you wish as its starting to get an international following of fellow land sailors.

Thanks Gizmo

Gizmo's luge yacht...

Wow ... nice comprehensive building plans! ... Looks like the new 'Blowkart' company! ... I like your steering yoke , looks like it will track straight. I think that comfy fiberglass couch (hull) is overkill. It looks so nice I would tend to fall asleep/nap in it when moving! :P The wheel pin is a great idea.You can do an Indy pit stop that way! ... Quite impressive. Any idea how much the prototype cost complete? I also wonder what your yacht weighs? ...Impressive streamline design. ... Makes my rig look like a 'soap box derby trike! .... Rick
Oh... On the pic posted 21/04/2008 @ 9:49pm 'copy the angle' ... what happend to the middle & ring fingers? (all bandaged up!) ... you said slicing & dicing... was it just a sharp edge you picked up? or veining shrimp for the barbi?


"or veining shrimp for the

"or veining shrimp for the barbi?"
Shrimp or prawns on the barbi is not often actually done, it was the catch line in an Australian tourism campain in the US back in the 90's.
My prefered BBQ food is lamb chops or kangaroo.....

Lake Lefroy Mini Land Yachts

YES the plans are VERY comprehensive and simple to make, the costs of the frame/ seat vary vastly depending on what materials you use. Many people have built yachts using old road sign poles. For the seat many people are using plywood with F/G over it,(Im actally giving cardboard covered with F/G a try for a seat) but the full sailing yacht could cost as low as $500 depending on your access to second hand sails and mast and materials.
The overall weight of the yacht frame,seat and wheels is about 20-25kg.


And the fingers... the maker tried to adjust the lawnmower blades while it was still running..... :(

Fingers ...

OMG! ... hope there's no 'nerve damage mate! ... :()