Ice Report: Lake Christina, MN

fergus long term forecast

Christina should start freezing late next week and an ice checking expedition is/may be in the works for Saturday Nov 20th, depending on reports up north.

Carpe DN


Was driving all around up north this week for work. Alex,Fergus,Bemidji. Went by christina and it was wide open still. Found one frozen lake just east of bemidji about 10 miles. Midge lake was frozen and about 1" thick on wed.

ICE Time

It looks like Mother Nature will be busy making ice on Christina and other area lakes for the next week or so 24/7 :)

Dirk Siems
DN US445

Dirk Siems
DN US445

Getting ready!

Time to pull DN out of rafters and get it ready. Pretty impressive cold weather coming in 2 weeks!! First, time to go to Shorewood Swap.
Thanks Mark for the update which may be the earlyist ice report on record for MN.