Whaletail & Swede Lakes

Whaletail 3" ice, 1" snow
Swede 2 -3" ice, 1" snow one boat sailing.

How bonded is the snow and

How bonded is the snow and how dense? Trying to decide if the DN or kite (on skis) would be the better option. Amazing what happens to one's play time with two young kids!


Rob 4975

Both would work well...

An old DN was doing 30-50 mph yesterday so it is not that bad - thin inserts or T runners.

Kiting would also work great - grip good. Now we just need some wind...



Fastest run today on Swede was 53.93 mph. Smooth ice pretty much across the whole lake.



Swede for sat sailing

i'm going by 11 am. also dr. anyone else? should be able to get a ride. sunday more wind.

ya xxxxx

Game ON!

We sailed almost all of Swede Lake today...2.5" to 4" ice, with 1/2-3/4" of snow on top of black ice, some of it wind-packed.

Everyone will be setting up on Saturday. If not enough wind Sunday looks perfect.