sailing at lake city friday, 9 am.

markham and i are sailing pepin friday. anyone seen the ice there? call me or jd to report to ken smith. we think it is good as ice as good in lacrosse in front of markham's house. ice check fri 9am for possible regatta there sat/sun. fri looks very good for sailing. sat 2" snow, sun cold. but sailable those days. meyer

Lake Minnetonka ice report

West Arm Bay has 4-6 inches of ice and 6 inches of snow on top, The ice is surprisingly decent snow ice in the area a 100 yards out that I drilled. There has been one snowmobile running around the shore area. Appears to be some pretty large wet spots with a small flock of ducks and wet seams that do not make the bay seem safe. I suspect the Sat snow event will make the lake unusable for iceboating until March, unless a track is plowed!

calling it off

markham boating in lacrosse fri, has 1" snow. light wind by later in afternoon. but sat 6" snow. meyer

ya xxxxx

Pepin a big NO!

I just spoke to my buddy who lives on the shore of Pepin in Lake City. He reports maybe 2-3 inches of ice under 6-7 inches of snow. Not even froze to the shoreline. Cracks with wet spots all over. No one has even thought about venturing out on it. It is now snowning and blowing again. They expect 2 inches today followed by cold weather. He can't imagine any iceboat conditions in Decmeber!
He expects similar conditions by Frontenac.

Somebody must go and look...

in very similar conditions of freeze, lake calhoun came in almost perfect, people are sailing it now... Harriet has similar conditions...

Modis Imagery shows the Pepin Wi area might be OK...

Somebody has to take the rest of the day off and go drive there, walk on the ice and report...

any volunteers?

A DNer apparently went for a

A DNer apparently went for a little swim on Calhoun this morning...

Ice report: 3 to 6 inched in most places. The ice is very very thin where patches of snow are. There are only a few patches. For the most part ice is nice and smooth. I found it pretty fast. Mike Xxxxx on the other hand did go threw where the snow was. It seems that the snow is insulating the ice. He and his boat are fine. The police did advise us to wait a while longer before trying it again. Maybe will play again Sunday.

it's thin ice around here for now... Sunday will be chilly

I said she was "willing"...

...but clearly not "able"!

Hope Mr. X has warmed up.