Zamboni ...

I have a dream ... I see a custom service for ice events. A light weight plow truck (8'width) and 'zamboni. (a zamboni attachment to the back of a truck) How about for fire on ice? Anyone out there have hockey connections? Looks like 4L has the same idea.(their's is a reality) ... . We spend so much time looking/driving , lets bring the black ice to us. It's the 'green alternative... R



Fire on Ice 2010 Track Grooming  for the Johnson Cup

We've used trailer mounted zamboni blades for our short course tracks on White Bear, Phalen and Minnetonka.

This is not a trivial project...

it's very difficult to get a track width wider than 120'

there's about 15,000# of weight in the rig, not counting any snow or ice loading

snow loading causes the tracks to crown, and crack parallel to the track, forming a most entertaining slot car track.

This application was supplemental to plowing the Fire on Ice Tracks.

cool beanz!

Wow, I should have asked how Fire and Ice track was set up! ... RE: 4lakes, yea zamboni's weigh a ton! 7& a half tons on yours huh Icemaker, you should bank the curves... I stopped by White Bear on sat.1/2/ and one DN just leaving. Ice was a little rough by the access but better out where the fishermen & snowmobiles haven't tracked up. Little snow drifts and tiger lines.



I believe the 4 lakes photo is just a pasted photo. I have never heard of a Zamboni used for iceboating, even though I am sure Kiefer has thought of it.

The only problem...

... we have with the 4LIYC Zamboni is that it needs 24" of ice before it's safe to drive it on the lake, and nobody wants to wear the Sponge Bob costume!