Almost done...

Almost done...Well, today the everything came together for the first time. There were no parts (at least temporarily) left in the box from when I disassembled the boat after the crash. After taking this photo, the chocks did come off so I could strip the old sandpaper off them in preparation for gluing new sheets on and permanently mounting them to the plank.

Plank hardware locating jig - plank sideThings started by mounting the stud-plates to the plank using the same jig that I used to mount locate the hull-plates. You flip it over, pivot it on the same nail stuck in a hole at the center of the plank, align the jig to the plank's center-line, and drill the pilot holes for the stud-plates through the correct set of holes in the jig. After that, all you need to do is place the stud-plate in place and drive the screws.

Drilling chock holesDrilling chock holesAfter a quick sanding to knock down the big drips and sags, I used the drill-press to make the chock mounting holes. I drilled the center outside hole 13/32", just slightly oversize of the 3/8" bolt, and the other 5 holes 7/16". I hoped that I would have enough play to align the chocks, but I still had to futz around ovalizing the holes with a round file.

Rough chock alignment jigI used a neat jig I inherited from Mike Carlson when I bought my second DN from him. It's a 1" wide steel tube with a 3/b" hole drilled in the center, and precise marks on either end. You bolt the tube in the chock like a runner, and use a piece of thin cable fixed to the bolt-hole of the opposite chock to make sure you have enough adjustment range. When you are ready to mount the chocks for the final time, it's also a good way to get them initially aligned.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to finish everything up, mount the chocks, and align the runners.


no hurry

Make sure it's fully cured. Keep it in the house.

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st49 winged boat

Should have plenty of time...

The really important glue joints (between the laminations) have had a full week to cure, with the first three days spent (mostly) on the jig. The coating has only had 72 hours inside, but it feels pretty hard, and it's not carrying any loads, so I'm pretty comfortable putting it in the trailer tomorrow.

I'll try to call tomorrow, sounds interesting...