Alternate Plank Mounting Plates

OK, so bear with me on this. I may have read the plans wrong..

I recently upgraded to the alternate plank attachment set-up. When I laid everything out for the bottom side of the hull, I noticed that the plates were right at the outbord edge of the hull (with the centerline of the bolt holes at 16" OC). I drilled 1" holes for the socket, but is seems like they are really close to the side board.

Was there a tolerance I missed? Was I allowed to move them further inboard to make the attachment easier?

Thanks in advance,


Mounting hardware is not spec'ed

The hull/plank connection is not restricted in the DN specifications. You can move the plates in as far as you want (or even use completely different mounting systems).

When I built my current hull I had them at about 17" (my hull is close to max. width). I moved them to 16" when I installed the inside plates on my older hull so the planks and hulls would be interchangeable.


Geoff S.