Lake Minnetonka Ice Report

The Main Lake is showing 40-50% ice. The snow drifts are 1-5 inches in depth. With a little sun and warm weather the ice will be great!

There is the typical pressure ridge starting at Spirit Island going to the Nothern end of Big Island. Looks like thin ice around the western edge of pressure ridge by Big Island.

Kite Skier spotted (Vojta) on Thursday afternoon (15-25 NNW). Vojta went all the way up to Wayzata and down to Excelsior and said the Ice looked good.

See you in Cottagewood Sat am.

Main Lake Mtka

Plenty of wind but snow drifts 2-3 inches high and firm, made for marginal conditions. 4 DN's sailed for an hour, covering most of main lake but need warmer weather to soften the snow. The pressure ridge was ok to slide across. When in between the snow on wind blown ice it was wild in 15 knots of south wind.

Mike Miller

Ice boat purchase, rental, lessons?

I'm interested in finding more information about the sport as my husband and I are summer sailors. Any information would be helpful.
Thank you,
Susan Ericson

Sunday sailing

The Clear Lake is very rough.
Are the Minnesota lakes better.
Went to Calhoun last weekend was excelent.
How are the Saturday.