ABC National News and GMA to film on Lake Minnetonka

Greetings fellow Iceboaters,

A few weeks ago I got a call from ABC News regarding Iceboating on Minnetonka, and spot to be featured on Good Morning America's Weekend Edition. The details are still coming together and will be finalized mid-week. I have been organizing this with a few iceboaters to make sure we have some key pieces covered.

Only two film time slots are available for their crew. This coming weekend (21&22) or the following (29&30). I am pushing for it to be this weekend. Filming would take place on both Saturday and Sunday. This is not limited to DN's, if it has a sail bring it out on the ice. Those of you with kids should bring them down if the conditions allow. Lady iceboaters are encouraged to attend!

The initial gathering sites will be determined shortly.


Wish I could be there for it.