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I have a welder friend (welds stainless for a living) who is willing to make me a set of ss runners!! I am very confident in his ability, but he needs details!?? What grade stainless, etc.etc... Any help, suggestions, opinions would be greatly appreciated!!!!

Stainless plate runners DN1313

I built a set of 304 stainless plates and they are inexpensive and easy to machine and is readily available. I had someone cut them out and machine the 90 degree edege and used 3/8 X 1 inch aluminum bar for stiffeners or you can purchase sarns type stiffeners. Some sailers prefer 316 stainless but it may be harder to find. The 316 has a higher nickel content and mat be a bit harder. Both steels dont have enough carbor to harden, The ultimate plate would be 440 stainless which can be hardened but when hardening could warp and need to be machined straight. The 304 and 316 are good for snow and soft ice wet conditions but will need to be resharpened after a hard day of racing. You may ask your friend if he knows of some type of hard weld that he could apply to edge . I would be interested in his comments, I have a pair of Stellite inserts which is a steel blade with hard weld edge of stelite(cobalt) Very hard material .
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Stellite inserts

If you would like more info on cobalt based alloys (like Stellite) please email me at We manufacture all kinds of shapes of this superalloy for many applications. It is very hard, wears extremely well, is not affected by brazing or welding temperatures and is also ductile enough to bend or shape.

We are always looking for new applications.

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You can find some very good basic information at the following URL:

Should provide enough info to get ya started...

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