Last days round here

Sailed the Lower Croix last Saturday for 30 miles with a top speed of 40. Ice was OK, but today was really nice. All the slush was gone!The drain holes are small and a non issue.
Had to wear my Wellies to get to my boat and 8 good inches of ice. Top speed today of 45 and 48 miles traveled. Not many days left though. What a season!
Might get another day or so to sail before the temps rot the ice beyond safe sailing.


Spectacular afternoon of sailing today with a top speed of 56.5 and 18 miles,,,, then I broke my mast, tiller, and boom. Guess I pushed to hard.:( Two mile walk back then load up.

knee deep in the Hoopla

I have a Boom for sale. Mike

I have a Boom for sale.
Mike Madge
(807) 577 2109