Tonka: Got Ice?

Has anyone found ice on Tonka that is safe to sail?

Crystal bay froze earlier this week so last night I ventured out in front of my house but it is way too thin to be considered safe or sailable.

Has anyone checked any of the other bays?


ice minnetonka

As of Friday morning 12-21, the main lake North of Harrys is still open water.

mike millers house

bay there sailed fri pm by mike, steve kennedy and tom meyer. was solid and smooth. no holes or cracks. great rides in med wind! 5" of ice in old frosted spots, 3" on newer clear spots. see how it is sun am. my estimate is only 2" of ice on far side of spring park bay. at this time, it looks like millers house for sun am for safer ice. spring park for sure tues and next weekend or even the main lake with cold forecast. might freeze tues night. harry let us know. meyer

ya xxxxx

sailing sunday

bay by mike miller best bet for sunday. also JD checking out spring park (bay only) sat am. both froze last sun night. DO NOT SAIL EITHER SPOT TILL ICE CHECKED! IT IS MARGINAL. drain holes after sat? MEYER

ya xxxxx