Ice on Sunday at Tonka

Not looking good! The good ice from Friday after 1/4 inch of rain has many low spots and now developing a shell ice issue at 27F. The ice is still confirmed at 3-5 inches but you can see a good 2 inches of water and ripples in this low spot just west of my home. I did not walk into this depression. The other photo is 5 feet from the ripples and a good inch if water with 1/4 inch shell! Bloom is on his way to further check it out. The wind is a perfect 10 mph. Stay tuned..
Coped from Minnesota iceboaters on FB. Hope the photos come thru.

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great day of saling in tonka bay! solid clear ice.

kennedy and meyer still set up at the beach next to tonka bay marina. but not much wind mon. can't wait to see the pic with the fleet set up in front of harrys looking out to the waves coming in from the north 100 yds out. meyer

ya xxxxx

Tonka Bay reported that no

Tonka Bay reported that no shell ice exists. A group is setting up now. Use caution!