SE Iowa

A week of quiet cold has produced 4" of black ice on local waters (Johnson County). Ice fishing tents are appearing. No serious wind predicted yet.

It's Winter!

We picked up a dusting of snow. Now that the ice is strong, this is favorite bookmark: . I start packing up when the projections are for over 20 MPH. I've learned to skip declining winds. To plate runners and snowboards, this year I've added studded tires to the arsenal, so the actual surface doesn't matter much. It's hard to turn and my mast tends to break in over five inches of soft snow, but then there's cross country skiing.


Where to sail?

We have 2 or 3 boats to travel from Kansas City. Could you respond with a lake name and location.

A phone number would also be great.


Cell: 913.406.2700

It's all good

Lake MacBride is the popular spot with easy access. Sandy Beach on the Coralville Rez. is my usual area, but this is my favorite when conditions allow:
Access is tricky for the rez spots so give me a call, especially if the wind kicks up.



Every dog has its day

Snow free, 8" black ice, shore to shore. Prediction is flurries turning to sun, NW winds 10 to 20. Thursday might be an OK day.


Easy Miles

Four of the last five days have been steady, pleasant sailing. Maybe one more before slush, maybe not.


Sunday sailing

Ice even smoother after the fifty degrees and rain. Still about 8" thick. Finally got a nice west wind into the 20+ range.


Mehaffey Bridge

is frozen up. Most years one can't get from the ramp to the scenic MacBride State Park area. If weather projections hold up, Wednesday should be a sweet day. Always nice to duck under a sunny limestone bluff for a summer sausage break.


9" Black @ Lake MacBride

Ever shifting wind directions and gusts into the low 30s kept me from getting into a zone but was nice to get out of "preseason" warmups. Friday looking awesome. May chicken out and drop to the 10 meter sail.


A Great Year So Far

Another day almost identical to above, maybe a little windier. Tore a sail, broke a sheet. Picked up a new variation on an old sport for when there's no wind -- Nordic skating. Just the thing for this area with its hundreds of miles of creeks, rivers, marshes and impoundments. I vote for making winter permanent.