DN GOLD CUP Called "ON!"

1898 Lake City Ice Yacht ClubDN GOLD CUP Called "ON!" for Lake Pepin at Lake City, MN.
See the DN website at: https://ice.idniyra.org/ for more info.

Be sure to thank the Doctor, Mike Miller and Tom V. for scouting the ice. Without their efforts, there is no way the regatta chair would bring this event to Minnesota. Also, thank Jim McDonagh for all his behind the scene efforts. He works tirelessly on our behalf.

If you ever thought about attending a big time sailing event this would be it. Over a hundred boats from 8 different countries have already registered. Sailors are assigned to one of three fleets depending on your ranking: Gold, Silver and Bronze. If you do not have a ranking you are assigned to the bronze fleet with an opportunity to move up into the silver fleet if you sail well. There will be be sailors of all abilities so you need not be intimidated by the top ranked sailors.

Attending a World Championship is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Please join us.
See you on the ice!

expectations are high

I like the forecast!


Expectations are still high!

The proposed racing area is the area just north of the center of Lake City, south of the Willows on the River. Basically the area right in front of the resort.

From the Launch site south of town, sail north, around the point and marina, make sure to give the point some respect and get out in the middle of the lake.

Lake City lodging