Shout out for RC volunteers

Lakce City Ice Yacht Club 1898We are looking for local RC help.

Early Sunday Morning-- through-- Tuesday.

Ideally someone who is familiar with ICE.

Local so the class don't need to pay for gas.

The class can pick up the hotel expenses, but Ideally someone local again would be great.

It would be nice if they are familiar with driving a 4-wheeler.

Duties might include moving marks, moving starting lines, assisting the scorers and RC, herding cats..

The organization has four 4-wheelers coming so we could use a lot of RC help to keep things moving.

So basically, we just need someone who is free on Sunday through Tuesday and is interested in coming out on the ice and helping out.


Can someone post who they

Can someone post who they should get a hold of?


Contact Race Chairman, head honcho

Kent Baker
419 509-5526
kentb (@)