Black _ice_ Friday

Black Ice Friday.

We are going with Buffalo.
Launch at Sturgis Park

Buffalo was all frozen up on Sunday. Although we did get that heavy wind on Monday and Tuesday, so who knows.

I'm going to go check it out tomorrow and see what's what. Nobody has been out on it yet, so If you go, be careful. It might have blown out on Monday and only have an inch on it.

I'll report back tomorrow.

Swede has some 1" hard drifts.. (all ready?). Whale tail would be an okay backup.

Buffalo Ice on Friday

Buffalo lake

The usual cast of suspects had a nice day on a good 4 inches of ice. Many boats still set up to do it again on Sat. Even with lighter winds, the ice is fast! We had 8 DN's and an Opti.

Swede Jumpers

Swede has a good 4 inches of ice with 3-5% hard frozen ice jumps!
Caution in bigger winds.
Swede jumpers

Buffalo is bueno

I didn't get a chance to look over the whole lake, but I went up around the point past the ice fishing village and checked ithere and it was all over 3.5".

The lake has not been checked or really sailed so please proceed with caution.

The few 1" snow drifts are far between and rock hard.

We are planning on some early Friday Morning Scrub Races.

The ever sandy, Sturgis Park awaits.

Friday sailing

Come join Meyer and I at Buffalo. Sturgis Park. Winds slowly increasing to 10-15 and almost 30F.
Get it now as snow looks likely by Wed.

Green Lake at Spicer, Mn

Paul Larson, DN sailor reports big Green Lake froze over partially last Sat and totally locked up onTuesday night. He will keep us apprised of conditions and expects to drive around it with binoculars Friday. He will also get some ice thickness reports.

Green Lake report update

Paul reported a good 3 inches of perfect 10 covering the entire Green Lake at Spicer!