ICE report for 12/14 and 15, main lake minnetonka

harry allen reports that a large of area of the main lake opened up and refroze sat. so only has the little bit of snow on it from sunday. In front of his house etc also may be sailable as last big strong storm fell into water on the ice. So plan on setting up at harry's. meyer

thurs walked oput on minnetonka

found 2- 4" hard drifts in front of harrys. out in main lake 1/2" snow some 2" hard drifts. so hard to get to and not that good. and not that much wind this weekend. meyer

ya xxxxx

lake city ice?

anyone know the condition of that ice. when did it freeze, sat/sun, how much snow? meyer

ya xxxxx

lake city

Was frozen during the Sunday snow storm.

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