clear lake IA for 12/14 and 15?


clear lake webcam doesn't look good.

knee deep in the Hoopla

Clear Lake

Trucks are already driving on Clear Lake with over 10" of ice. We now have doable ice here near Iowa City but the near term forecast is too warm. Let me know if you're headed that way. It blows hard up there on the prairie, often sooner than later. I've encountered 40MPH winds there a couple of times but the day it hit 50MPH, I blew out my front chock. Hopefully, with my recent "dust devil" modifications, things will go better.


Clear Lake, cont.

Once I was setting up in the wind shadow on the north side, when a large maple blew over onto the ice just up the shore line. It bounced as if it had hit concrete. I had two thoughts. Maybe this particular wind was too much of a good thing and how often can an Iowa boy sail bomb proof ice?
Locally, snowmobiles and ATV's are out on Coralville Lake, off Sandy Beach. Winter is about three weeks early this year. Bring it on.