How not to empty a trailor

Late last night, after hearing the Western Championship Regatta had been postponed, I decided to unload my iceboat trailer. It was a warm night and rather than move the trailer closer to the house I figured I could use the exercise and carry everything the 40 to 50 feet to the basement door.

I needed to move 10 sets of runners, 2 sails, a mast and a tool box: If my math was correct, I could get it all there in about 7 trips.

As soon as I completed my first trip to the basement I noticed a “stranger” on the street watching my every move. When he realized I saw him he asked me if I lived here. I told him yes and then asked where he lived. He mumbled something I could not hear and then quickly moved on.

The man seemed harmless enough but I was a bit cautious. I had heard a recent story of a man in our neighborhood checking doors to see if they were locked.

After about 25 minutes and 7 trips to the basement, all my gear was in the house. It was a beautiful night so when my wife asked if I was up for a walk with our dog, I eagerly said yes.

As we walked out our door we were immediately blinded by a flood light shining in our eyes. The guy holding the light demanded my name. I quickly realized he was a police officer and that the 25 zillion candle power flood light was mounted to a squad car. Not satisfied with just my name he demanded my ID. Of course, I did not have it with me. And without thinking I replied: Who carries an ID to walk a dog?

To make a long story short, trust me when I say that police officers do not have a sense of humor once it gets dark outside. I am, however, grateful that a total stranger was concerned enough about the precious cargo in my iceboat trailer that he called the police. And, maybe next time, I will turn on an outside light so the cops can see me.

Yes I also thought it was

Yes I also thought it was going to end much worse.Thought you might of ended up with my program of one Sail and two sets of Runners.The consolation of a small program is it does not take long to unpack.

Orono cops

Your lead in to this story had me prepared for a bad ending,
Enjoy spring