Buffalo this weekend

Do we have a report for Lake Buffalo this week? I heard it was frozen last week . My guess would be that there is plenty of ice on it by now.

Saturday looks like the best day. Saturday morning at Sturges Park?

Buffalo Lake ice

See post and photo in images tab

Mike Miller

Buffalo, Osakis and Green

Browner and I walked 1/4 mile out from Sturgis Park. 3-4 inches of solid ice except one seam of 2 inches stretching N/S across lake. Stiff snow drifts up to 2 inches high and 80% snow covered. Launch ramp covered in thick ice from artesian well back up. Now corrected by us. Would need 8-10 wind to move well. Stay tuned for other weekend ice reports.
Green lake at Spicer is open water
Lake Osakis froze over one week ago. Has had an inch of snow and blowing hard for 3 days. 20% drifts up to a foot high!, but not walked by this guy. A few fisherman out reporting 4 inches on South end and 2-3 on North end. Bare solid ice on 80% of lake.
I will try to get a more reliable update by Fri AM.
Any reports up by Brainerd?

Mike Miller

Have spud, will travel

I'm available to scout Thursday mid-day. Anyone care to join me for Adventures on ice?


Minnesota ice

I will be joining Browner on Buffalo for a look see today. I walked West Arm of Tonka that froze last Friday night. It has 4 inches of ice where the wind has blown off the snow. 3 inches where there is 1.5 inches of stiff wind blown snow. I suspect Buffalo to be the same. West Arm would require at least 10 mph to sail thru the stiff stuff. We have had 3 straight days of big winds blowing the 1.5 inches of snow since freeze up.
Green Lake at Spicer reports open water as of Wed eve. Some of the smaller lakes in Wilmar area are froze.

Mike Miller