sailing this weekend closer to Tonka

Has anyone been over to look at Whale Tail lake? I don't have time to run up to Lake Christina this weekend and would like to sail somewhere close to home around Minnetonka and close by. Anyone else up for some sailing Saturday or Sunday around here?

sailed Swede Saturday

Plenty of ice on Swede lake. 4-5" a little bit of puddles from snow melting at the end of the day,
Ice was pretty smooth with some melting snow. Looked at Whale Tail and it was in similar conditions, but may have been a little bit better.

DN 5050

going to stop by Whale Tail

going to stop by Whale Tail on my way to Swede.,. most likely will sail Swede snow is melting fast now.
Gideons bay froze Thursday night.. might be to soon for it.
So off to Swede it is.

DN 5050

bald eagle lake

We will be sailing bald eagle lake today. Should be about 10 boats. Supposed to be 4 inches of relatively snow free ice. I'm sure ther will be some hazards, so be careful. Stay away from the ends of the island. Hope to see you there.

Never mind. Warm Temps have

Never mind. Warm Temps have made ice soft and thin on bald eagle. Not safe.

Metro lakes

We sailed Swede last Sunday. Solid ice but 1.5 inches of snow similar to Buffalo and West Arm. Probably has some stiff drifts to deal with. I expect Whaletail is similar. I had a report last night that Diamond Lake, just north of Atwater has good ice without much snow. Paul Larson from Spicer is sailing his DN there today. Calhoun?.

Mike Miller