Green Lake at Spicer

Paul Larson walked the lake today and reports 5-8" solid good ice with at most 1 inch snow from Thursday. Many portable fish houses up to the north and west, but plenty of ice for racing. He is setting up in Spicer launch around 11AM. Winds look like 8-9 and comfortable temps. Sunday big winds and cold.
time to scout it Sat. Who is in?

Green Lake at Spicer

Meyer, Kennedy and Miller had to wait till 2 pm for the wind to fill. Then we had 2 hours of some real ripping the big lake. conditions about a 7. Solid black icewith a few chunks here and there. One pressure ridge but could sail around it to the west. Snow coverage about 60% with 1/2 inch to 1 1/2 inch drifting. With wind at 10-12 we blew through it all. With higher winds predicted, they may stiffen some more.
Landing in Spicer worked, but getting a pressure ridge on shore. We backed on off single file. Ice about 5-7 inches per fisherman. 4 wheelers have been out.
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Mike Miller

sunday boating

could try spring park or Tonka bay. enough wind, but cold. I walked out on Tonka bay (fri pm) and found 2"+- of snow. not too drifted yet. wasn't stiff. some rough ice to go thru in front of the beach, so spring park better? meyer PS: miller and I going to spicer sat 9 am. anyone else? hope enough wind!

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