iceboating this weekend

looks like main lake is good. launch out of harrys. not a lot of wind but shouldn't need it. proceed with caution as lake has NOT been checked. any specific report on conditions/hazards? flyer

St. Croix 12/20/2014

Sail on Pebbled ice today on the lower St Croix. Access here:
4-6 inches of good ice. Stay away from Hudson and Afton!! Open water year around. Main body is good, no "Duck holes" 3 miles X 1 mile of sailable ice. If you wanna race you'll need Marks; I gave mine to Bald Eagle club. If you have questions call me@ 651-472-2311// Kent

I sail out of the MN. side, but there is no Public access. Fisherman don't get to this section of the river, so there is little, if anything to dodge. I saw a couple of odd sticks on the ice today and that is not the norm. NNW winds are best here, but south can be ok too. Vid of todays sailing.

knee deep in the Hoopla

sailed main lake today. it's good. 12/20/2014

Main lake is sailable. Not Regatta ice but not bad. it is a little bumpy half black ice and half refrozen snow. no jumps or launchers that we noticed. there is a pressure ridge from Spirit Island to the point off of Robinsons Bay. It didn't appear to be easily passable. It was wet around the edges. Use caution in this area.
There is another ridge --- It is south of Harry's and North of the Evan's it goes from the point between them from Cottagewood shore to Big Island. **Do not cross in the middle of this one** It is passable on the shore near Big Island.. Use caution in this area it is hard to see. ( I have a friend..... ah hem, ummm that got his feet wet in the middle of it today. and maybe put the nose of his DN in for a quick rinse. ) :)
Gideons Bay and the area around Tonka Bay had the best ice today.

We saw about 5-6 Nites, a 1942 dbl seat skeeter, a dozen or so DN's and some interesting home made things.

DN 5050

sounds like fun I'm in for

sounds like fun I'm in for Saturday.. Does Harry know you invited us to his house?

Anyone else

DN 5050

I'm in. But...

Any scout information on the lake? Probably swing by around 10.


ice checked by browner

reports main lake has "cow pie" bumps from melted snow drifts, so launchers/too rough. spring park the same and Tonka bay. maybe ok for larger boats but not for DNs. anyone know of better ice? sunday etc might be wet, or/and need warm to make smoother. lets hope for next weekend. flyer

ya xxxxx

smithtown bay -- spectacular

Just walked Smithtown bay as a Nite cruised all around. Clear with minor bump. Not nearly as rough as the fire lane. Possibly the main lake is the same? Thinking about Sunday afternoon if it doesn't rain.