Tonka (probably) Snowed Out

Per Flyer: Too much Snow in Tonka Bay. We are not going to set up this morning.
Main lake or upper lake still a very remote possibility. However, no credible ice reports have been reported for the main lake or the upper lake.
If you venture out onto Lake Minnetonka DO NOT sail alone. Check the ice! Don't be stupid.

12/20/2014 sailed main lake.

Today's snow might tough to get through. rode my bike on the lake today. The ice under the snow is black, hard and slippery. the snow is light and fluffy. 3-4" of new snow.

The conditions may be different now. The 2 pressure ridges are still there......and are wet.

On 12/20/2014 Sailed the Main lake . it is a little bumpy half black ice and half refrozen snow. no jumps or launchers that we noticed. there is a pressure ridge from Spirit Island to the point off of Robinsons Bay. It didn't appear to be easily passable. It was wet around the edges. Use caution in this area.
There is another ridge --- It is south of Harry's and North of the Evan's it goes from the point between them from Cottagewood shore to Big Island. **Do not cross in the middle of this one** It is passable on the shore near Big Island.. Use caution in this area it is hard to see.

DN 5050


markham reports no snow there from fri night. needs cold to freeze holes, so should be good wed? etc. western regionals? flyer

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