DN 2015 Western Regionals FINAL CALL FRIDAY 9AM

Westerns Final call delayed until Friday at 9AM

The final call for this weekends Western Regional will be delayed until 9AM Friday Jan 9. This will allow a final check of ice on Lake Geneva, WI. Current conditions on a large sheet of new ice about 1.5 miles by 2 miles is optically clear hard black ice about 4 inches thick and growing. The sailing area would be to the north and west of Linn Rd. Snow has just started in Geneva with anywhere from 1-4 inches predicted on the various weather sites along with 20-25 SSW winds all day and into the evening. Snow should end by 9PM.
It is difficult to predict how much of the new snow will blow off the glass ice. The ice will be inspected by 8:30 AM Friday morning. The updated temperatures, driving conditions and wind forecast will be evaluated for Sat & Sun at that time before making the final call.
Time changes if it happens this weekend:
Registration at Hotel Headquarters: Fri 8-9PM and Sat 9-10 AM
Late Registration at launch site 10:30- 11
Skippers Meeting at Headquarters Hotel or launch site at 11:00
First Race 12:30 PM


Mike Miller

New ice

Clinton west access 4+in black ice will be sailing tomorrow. Temp in 20s wind s13. Us2360


2015 Westerns POSTPONED UNTIL JAN 17-18

Lake Geneva is not an option this weekend. 2-3 inches of snow and wind has left our sheet of ice with 8 inch drifts. The good news is that the larger area of the lake, Black Pt to Cedar Pt to Fontana remained open during the snow event. The west end of Green Lake also remained open during their snow and wind. Both of these areas should freeze when the wind subsides. The forecast for Jan 17-18 look favorable.
2015 Westerns postponed until Jan 17-18.
Continue to report ice conditions to me.
Thank you to Lou, Bob and Jane for your ice checking help on Geneva and especially to Lou for looking at Geneva at 8 AM today!
Mike Miller

Mike Miller