Pat Heppert wins C class at ISA; McJimmy third

Pat Heppert raced his newly-built "Drifter" at the ISA this past weekend in Gladstone, MI and won his class. Sure there were only two boats in his class, but he completely designed and built this boat on his own and gave the B class a few worthy chases. Look for pictures of Pat and everyone else at (This website is going through some changes, and the pictures may be posted at

McJimmy raced JD's B Skeeter for the first time (both for Jim and the boat) and finished third. Did an awesome job of balancing the need for speed while at the same time being sure he brought the borrowed boat back in one piece.

JD was a consistent 2nd all weekend in the A skeeter, but a mechanical problem dropped him from the podium. Brown and Erwin were human Yo-Yo's in the Nite class as they had great speed up the lake, and then would take naps downwind as the fleet zipped by.

All and all, it was great Spring sailing.

What a weekend !!!

Well, not exactly the way I wanted to bring home the trophy, but a 1st is a 1st, and I'll take it. Just to get the boats to survive in Saturday's high winds and rough ice was a real challenge. Still lots of tuning to do, but it's getting better. It was really great to see some really great Minnesota competitors. Especially impressed with Jimmy's ability to learn and adapt quickly to "boats with pedals". Tough conditions and we all did great. Congratulations to all!!
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