Christina. Sunday Nov 19, 2017

Sunday's forecast looks the best so Tonka DN crew plans to scrub race and sail on Sunday.
It’s been a warm week so scout the ice. JD reports a large duck hole west of the launch.
First boats there should check the ice. Wear ice claws and never sail alone.
Think ice.

The ice was nice

A dozen DN’s made the short trip up I94 again to Christina. As we approached the lake, noticed the seam visible a week ago included an area of open water. After scouting, found at least 3 open areas in the same sailing area of a week prior. Marked two with orange cones. Dr and Bloom set a safe short course and the fun began. Sunshine and 7-9 winds on Hollywood ice with many 3 lap races. The winners rotated around. Dr, Bloom, Glick, Browner, Rob, and JD were fast all the time. Equipment was changed out with sails and runners and racing continued. The necks are getting stronger!
Hope the week of semi cold heals up the holes. The after Thanksgiving Sailing is uncertain. Friday Sailing must include extensive scouting and the refreeze holes marked! The orange cones were removed.

Mike Miller