Grinding runners for a freeskate - iceboard?

Hi, I have a Paul Mindnich Freeskate (iceboard). I was able to work with a fiberglass guy and create a fiberglass mold to make more boards which I have created our first board but I need runners for it. I had a friend cut runners from steel to match the originals. However, I need to have a cut or grind them down on the blade/runner sharp edge that goes to the ice. I'm not sure if there is a tool for this or somewhere I can go to have this done?

photos at:

Thanks for any insight/ help! I'm in Minneapolis.

Freeskates rule

I am more then willing to help show you how to do this and get a set sharpened for you. Come use my tools. I have built many sets of runners from 14 inch freeskates up to 60 inch skeeter runners. There are several methods to get this accomplished accurately and economically. After grinding, the primary workhorse tool is a big edge sander. I use a 6 x 80 grizzly edge sander with a couple different fences depending on the blade type. Correct rocker is super important on the freeskate. Call me any time and we will set up something up. Also need to check out the all carbon freeskates I just finished. It's so pretty.
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