Iceboat plans for Drifter C skeeter finally detailed.

[click for full text and link below] It seems like many people have asked me for plans for my current iceboat, which has been kind of partially drawn up for a few years. So I have finally taken the time to fully detail out the entire boat. The goal of this is NOT to profess any sort of iceboating wisdom, just simply to try to get more people interested in building and continue enthusiasm in the sport. It ended up being 29 pages on 11 x 17 paper. The plans and building guide are now posted in a public folder on Google Drive per the link below. You should be able to download the files with the link below; if you have trouble let me know. The plans are in PDF format as well as AutoCAD format. The AutoCAD format can be viewed and printed with a free viewer program downloadable from Autodesk. I’m sending this out to a bunch of people, but feel free to share this as you see fit, or just delete it if it seems like garbage. Enjoy.

Pat Heppert
C-Skeeter “Drifter” I-291
Cell 612-282-3098

I've looked everything over

I've looked everything over and read your informative and entertaining notes. Fantastic job Pat! Thanks for sharing!

John Bushey