Monday Dec 18 - Tonka Bay

The forecast is for decent wind so many DN'ers plan to sail Tonka Bay on Monday. Call in sick, take a vacation day, quit your job or retire. This could be the day of sailing you've been waiting for. Scrub racing starting at about noon. Sailors of all abilities are welcome to join us. Launch at the ramp at Wehkota Beach and Park just west of Tonka Bay Marina or park on the road on the western side of the park and carry onto the ice. Stay in Tonka Bay. The lake is not safe and has not been scouted. Never sail alone. Wear ice picks.

Tonka Main Lake Conditions

I skated around Big Island on Sunday 12/17, There is a very large oval which must have been the last area to freeze, North off Big Island all the way over to the far point that extends well into the main lake. Ice cracked beneath me, I got back to the edge and checked ... about 1 3/4 inches.


Better yet, warm up on Monday

Better yet, warm up on Monday and really get rippin Tuesday. Hint, snow is coming.

Mike Miller