Lake Onalaska

Sailed Lake Onalaska (near La Crosse, WI) on Monday. Ice near perfect. Pressure ridges flattened out Sunday night.

Jan 19

Sailed Onalaska again today. Perfect ice.

DN 4056

ice update

Chip: Ice here in MI is really messed up, 16-36" of snow in the past 48 hr. Several of us are packed up to come to WI for the weekend (Jan 31) and would appreciate an update of what is sailable in your area. Thanks, Thinking Ice,

Corey Hughes Nite 341

Keep'em Sharp
Corey Hughes
Traverse City, MI

Lake Onalaska

Onalaska got dumped on. Five or six inches of snow with drifts.
Not sure what conditions are in the Madison and Oshkosh area.
Good luck.

DN 4056

lacrosse, sat 1-17

snowing friday night, how much? meyer is going to be boating out of markhams (french island) with buoys set up. he has been sanding on runners and thinks he is fast now, finally (ha, ha). if not too much snow by sat am. call him at 608-779-5019. don't bring good runners unless you need them flatter, ice is dirty. let markham wreck his.

Sunday 18th

Will be on the ice by noon on Sunday with a new plank and sharp runners.

DN 4056