sailing main lake minnetonka before/after Xmass

great weekend baffalo. little crazy sun. tonka bay to the south sailable as can see new freezes . avoid them. sailing our nites. miller meyer solum. mon tue wed. wed checking main lake as it closed sun. warning. do not sail it till drilled and checked. so hope to go out there wed. meyer. some DNs setting up at harrys noon wed. caution main lake not checked yet. looks like enough wind thurs. fri am great!! update wed. found 4.5” main lake. a couple open holes ne of yacht club so be careful friday update main lake. three holes are marked with cones middle north side of lake. lots of water on the ice fri pm. drilled and found 4.5” drill didnt go thru. hope not shell ice sat. some guys checking it out. sunday looking like better with the cold and wind. lots of boats set up at harrys