sailing 12/19 sun

very cold sat battle and gull lake so one day trip sun? but snow battle wed and fri. gull fri. see how much but doesnt look promising. meyer. ps maybe enough rain mpls to have ice for xmass? wed am. when fogclears and rainends looking like minnetonka will be all water to freeze into a sheet of clear smooth ice yaho!!! thurs am. from harrys to main lake water. tonka bay still frozen. enough ice sun. ? put on tb beach. fri am. access open at tonka bay beach next to marina. shoreline solid. no open water. should be quite thick to harrys by sun am. needs final check /confirmation before sailing . main lake freezes either fri or sat night. so not thick enough sun. fri pm. warning. report of some open water from sunset pt (kitty's house) to the island. might be an open crack that is usually there. so area still not fully checked. open water now frozen still too thin by kittys to island. and 3” snow on it so cant tell where the thin ice is. so do not sail this area till more freezing by wed? good news is main lake is water so hopefully freezes sat night and be ready for sailing wed/thursday update. sun am. main lake still some open spots. so prob all closed by tue am. so sailable not till 12/26. it could blow open today. sunday as windy