any ice

is there any sailable ice any where near the twin cities ? alexandria area ? one more fix this season could make summer just a little bit shorter. plese post any possibilities. thanks,dn 904

Good Ice In Twin Cities MN

Sailed White Bear Lake on 3/14 Sunday. Good smooth ice with no snow and fairly smooth. I found no pressure ridges on the whole lake. Large area in many directions. 30 inches of ice still with no problems driveing on. Weather forcast is promissing.


sailed calhoun saturday 10-12 , launched off south shore . will sail monday and tuesday if wind comes up. cold weather should stiffen ice and make both days sailable. calhoun cleanest and flatest that i have seen. hope to see some company out there. dn 904

any ice??

Calhoun is sailable, actually not to bad....jw

Lake Minnetonka Ice Report

Went Kite Skiing last night (Monday) on Main Lake of Minnetonka if that is any indication of what the conditions are.
2-3 inches of snow covering the entire lake.

yea, i second that

calling all ice scouts..

come-in ice scouts.. please report in.. even bad ice, so we can rule out some locations...

think ice.

3/11/04 ice

sailed calhoun thursday hard but rough with some shell ice areas (5%).winds heavy with a somewhat unreliable volume control.must be some better ice out there ? swede lake ? hope springs eternal so let us know if a better place exists. thanks, dn 904 i also heard a stern steerer was seen on calhoun earlier this week. i run two rearsteerers also and would be interested in exchanging war stories.hope to hear about all that great ice soon as the weather does not appear to be positive for the long term.