Any ice in Minnesota?

Just checking to see if last week's warm temps did in the ice "up north". I'm especially interested to hear if there's anything on Minnetonka and the lakes around there.


Geoff Sobering
DN US-5156

Lots of ICE and NO SNOW on Tonka!

Spring Park Bay and Crystal Bay are frozen and NO SNOW!!

See Live video (WEB CAM) of Harrisons Bay, Lake Minnetonka as proof at

have fun!

Eddie Rockwell

The ice is mush with rain for

The ice is mush with rain forecast for Saturday and Sunday.

Black ice mush

Since I am a first year iceboater, I assume this is the end of the season! I wish I had made it out last Sunday on Mtka.

Mike Miller


That's what I thought. Thanks for the info.
Time to get the Laser ready...


Geoff S.
DN US-5156