Runner Oiling

Summer is fun, but with the onset of humid weather, I remembered over the weekend that it was time to check the runners for rustproofing. The WD40 that I have used in the past never did a very good job of protection for anything but short periods, so I decided several months ago to try something longer lasting. Grease was the first thought, but that is to messy. After cleaning three sets of steel and one set of stainless with a scouring type pad, a coat of 90 weight gear oil was applied. Well I was pleasantly surprised this past weekend to find them all rust-free and still very well coated with the heavy oil.

If you haven't already done it, you might want to sneak a peek at your runner box as soon as you finish mowing the grass.

Think Ice, Nite 341


Not sure if anyone has tried using Lanolin based products, back home in Australia I live in the tropics and have found lanolin to be outstanding for keeping our dirt bikes in order, everything from chains to chassis (we ride on the beach a fair bit). Hope this is of assistance, shep.

Try SPS-3

SPS 3 is a preservative that sprays on like WD40, but has some parafins disolved in the carrier solvents, so leaves a waxy coat that prevents rust. Convience of WD 40, un-messy, and no wipe off required, and little or no mess.

Ken Smith

Ken Smith

Rusting Runners

I'm sure 90 weight works great but I use good old common 30 weight and never have a problem.