DN cartopping

Any of you guys have a simple system for putting a DN on the roof of a car? I have a Ford minivan with a factory roof rack that should take the load fine, just that it doesn't raise the boat high enough above the roof. MikeMc

Flying DN

Ask John Davenport what happens when you do it wrong.

JD US4691

JD US4691

I use foam blocks for

I use foam blocks for canoe/kayaks that are about one and half feet long and notch out one for the steering hardware and it lifts it up plenty.



Yakima Racks

I have a set of Yakima racks on my (well, now totaled) chevy Astro that are great. Through-bolted them right to the roof, careful to send the bolts through the frames. If your van has rain gutters they clip right on, no tools necessary.

For padding you can either get really nice ones from tackle shack for about fifty bucks each OR spend five bucks on foam pipe insulation, glue it on the racks with two dollars worth of contact cement, and wrap with two bucks worth of duct tape.

Think Ice!


Ice is nice, heat is beat!

Cheap, cheap, cheap...

I just tie a pair of 2x4's across the fore-aft roof-racks and against the OEM curved aero cross-bars on my Subaru Legacy Wagon... Looks stupid, but it gives a nice wide support for the hull, etc.

I haven't used the system in a couple of years, but I didn't get my trailer rebuild project completed this summer, so I'm back to it for awhile at least...


Geoff S.