A sticky situation was been amicably resolved regarding the use of a non-conforming hull in the National. Greg Simon was originally not scored because his hull is not fiberglass nor made by the class-approved builder. Greg believed he should have been scored because he had his boat measured several years ago by the builder.

The technical committee reversed their decision as of 12/15/04 and the '04 champion is now Greg Simon. Terry Erwin shifts to second.

The final, final results are:

Place	Skipper's name	BOAT #	R 1	R 2	R 3	R 4	R 5	TOTAL Points
1	Greg Simon	213	1	3	1	1	2	7
2	Terry Erwin	544	2	2	2	2	3	11
3	Scott Brown	559	8	1	6	7	1	23
4	Tom Wilfert	503	4	7	4	6	5	26
5	Bill Dale	88	10	9	5	3	4	31
6	Tom Austin	563	7	5	7	8	7	34
7	Tom Nordlie	560	3	4	11	9	8	35
8	Peter Slocum	196	6	10	9	4	6	35
9	Mark Wilfert	350	9	8	3	5	DNS	38
10	Mike Bloom	535	5	6	8	DNS	DNS	45
11	John Barlow	507	11	11	10	11	9	52
12	 xxxx xxxxxxx	xxx	DNS	DNS	12	10	10	58

One great big mis-understanding

I'd like to add some new light that should put this thread to rest.

This entire wood-boat issue is a symptom of a bigger problem that is being solved. Some changes or interpretations of the scantlings have been made over the past 15 years, but the information has not been readily available to everyone.

The scantlings are being updated and will be posted on the Nite website very shortly. Yes, I know the Nite web page is not functioning right now, and that's another problem being worked on. But as soon as it is, they will be there for everyone.

As for use of wooden boats, there was a gap of time wearby it was impossible to purchase a new fiberglass hull from the manufacturer. The builder was out of stock and had no plans to build any more. Per Tom Sweitzer, a single wooden hull was made, measured, weighed, approved and assigned a number. Unfortunately, the scantlings currently in circulation don't reflect this, and that's how this entire issue got sideways. Even some on the tech committee were unaware.

Bottom line -- don't sweat it. The Nite will remain a fiberglass hull built by an approved builder.

Now let's move on. By the way, we're looking for a commodore and vice-commodore for '05. If you haven't held the position, let's see some hands waving. I'll help you get up to speed quickly. Nite 559.

wood nite

I agree with JD. This is going to start a feeling of inequality if there are any more wood Nites out there. We may have to have S&R be the recognized measurer to make sure there is no advantage to any other boats or new home builts. There should also be a fee for this that adds value to these boats and also discourage more boats. Any Nite that has been home built needs to be measured and pay a one time fee to be called a Nite and race in santioned events. DN4889

Can of worms

You do realize that the market price for used fiberglass Nites just plummeted significantly. Whether resale value was ever a consideration of the initial strict one-design requirement or not, it certainly has an effect on boat value. The older boats can be sailed as fast as the newer ones. That just went out the window. Good luck recovering from this one.

Wood Nites

Here is the section from the Nite Class rules.

A. Fuselage

1. The fuselage will be one of polyester reinforced glass fibre laminations. The fuselage will be produced by class-approved builders only and is not subject to structural modification by the owner.

The complete boat must also weigh at least 270 pounds.

These rules were written by the Nite Technical committee to "maintain the low-cost (HA!), one design concept of the Nite Class Ice Boat".

I have a hard time reconciling the decision with the above scantling language.

"Grand Fathering" of older Nites?

Apologies for the question, but I'm not familiar with the Nite class rules (esp. their history).

When was the current wording of Rule A.1 put in place?


Geoff S.
DN US-5156/Laser 145234/Renegade 510

Nite Scantlings

Fuselage scantlings were adopted November, 1989. I've raced with Nites since 1986 and can't remember any scantling change ballot regarding fuselage requirements from 1989 to today. I don't think there are any "grandfathered" hulls out there.

Thanks for the info.

Many thanks. The only time I've ever looked a the Nite rules was to help someone build a mast a couple of years back.


Geoff S.

home buildable nite

So... Does this mean that we can build hulls out of wood and they are legal? It was my understanding that the boat had to be from a certain manufacturer to be considered race legal.

Is home buildable allowed?

What is the measurement criteria?

This could really affect the class.

Aside from all that. It is really nice that yall let Greg be scored.